Let's skip the small talk.

It's easy to get lost in everyday chatter without taking the time to build meaningful, honest, connections. So instead of repeating the same mini-autobiography which I have used hundreds of times to introduce myself, I've chosen three questions which give me the opportunity to share a little more than what's on the the surface.

I was inspired by Kalina Silverman's idea of Big Talk. She has a vision: to build empathy amongst people through the power of connecting over stories about universal experiences. Even though I won't be able to hear your answers, I implore you to answer the questions below. They could let you look at the world through different eyes. Perhaps, like me, you will be reminded of the unbiased, curious, honest perspective you had when you were younger. Or perhaps not. Perhaps you'll be reminded of something else.

What do you think about when alone on the tube?

When I travel, I am either a dreamer or a strategist: going wherever my heart takes me. I am either fantasising about my next big idea or planning for the day ahead. The dreamer in me is curious, she follows her instincts. She is reeled in by the strategist. The two personalties create a perfect equilibrium. The strategist is always evaluating how to achieve what the dreamer sets out to do.

Ideas I genuinely believe in are what motivate me to work. When stuck in long periods of deliberation, I look to the world around me for inspiration – whether that comes from a conversation I overhear on the tube or a Christmas display I see in a shop window depends on the situation.

You're given an elephant. What do you with it?

Elephants are one of the many animals on the endangered species list as they are often poached for their ivory tusks. My first instinct would be to protect my elephant, and name her Dumbo. Although they have material value, elephants are also caring, sensitive, and extremely intelligent – characteristics with a far greater, albeit intangible, value than ivory tusks.

However, given that I now have a pet elephant, I would have to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. Elephants are large. They eat 300 to 400 pounds of foo30 to 50 gallons of water daily. I would have to relocate to look after my elephant and I would be excited to do so. Once I take on a responsibility, I follow through. It does help however, that I love to travel.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The simple word "what" has so many possible implications. When answering this question, people often talk about what job they want when they're older – but I think it far more relevant to discuss what kind of person I want to be when I grow up. I think of my grown up self as me in ten years – regardless of my current age. Although I'll never be grown up, I will always have characteristics to strive towards.

Generous. Reliable. Diligent. Well-read. Happy. Creative. Ambitious. Compassionate. Fair. Grateful.

I never take my privileges for granted. When I grow up, I want to share with others what I am lucky enough to have.

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